Skater Spotlight: Wyckedly Wyld

Our Skater Spotlight turns to one of the The DisHonour Rollers, Wyckedly Wyld. She’s our shortest skater but don’t underestimate her size, she can get so low you won’t see her till it’s too late!

A Good Day to Skate Hard - photo credit Steven Craddock

A Good Day to Skate Hard – photo credit Steven Craddock

How many years have you been skating?

Almost 2 and a half years with VDL. I was a Barbie roller skates kid otherwise.

How did you get involved in roller derby?

My friend Cat took me to me to see my first game at the AIS and I thought “wow, how cool would it be to play that!” I met Ronald Ref Donald at a Raiders game and he introduced me to VDL.

What is your favourite position?

On the track.

What was your best “lightbulb” moment?

I reckon crossovers were my best lightbulb moment, but I have one every training session so it’s hard to choose.

Do you have a pre-bout routine?

Stretch and stretch and stretch. Listen to really bass heavy music and stretch some more.

What was your favourite bout moment?

During my debut bout, Junk Punch was jamming and it was our power jam. The other team had a really solid defence and I came through and swept the entire wall! They went down like dominoes!

How did you choose your derby name?

Wicked is my favourite musical and wild is my personality :)

What skate set-up do you have/Do you have any gear recommendations?

Currently Crazy DBX 3s with a Crazy Venus plate and Sure-Grip Zombie wheels. I definitely recommend the Zombies! They’re great, plenty of grip but slides when you need it.

What is one piece of advice you would give a freshie?

Never be afraid to ask. Derby is a family. The best family you could ever have. Family help family.

Did you play sport before derby?

Netball for 12 years.

Who are your derby heroes and why?

Captain of the Vice City Rollers, Bambi von Smasher. I’ve always thought she was amazing and she never gives up.

How would you sum up your derby playing style in three words?

Short. Agile. Wombat.

Next bout! Cinderoller – VDL vs Wagga Derby Dolls – 3 May

Roller derby bout poster - Cinderoller - Varsity Derby LeagueVarsity Derby League’s Sophomores will be going up against Wagga Derby Dolls’ Murderous Crows on Saturday 3 May!

The bout will also introduce Capital Carnage, our men’s roller derby team, in a special five-on-five bout.

Doors open at 5 pm at Southern Cross Stadium, Tuggeranong.

Tickets are $10 at the door, and children under 5 are free.

Skater Spotlight: Candace Sunshine

In anticipation of our Fresh Meat Intake this weekend we thought we would put one of our freshies in the Spotlight this week. Candace Sunshine recently passed her White Star, the next step up from Fresh Meat, and is on her way to being a bouting skater.

Candace Sunshine (in the red on the right) with her Fresh Meat cohort.

Candace Sunshine (in the red on the right) with her Fresh Meat cohort.

How long have you been skating for?

A bit over a year, aside from the odd bit of ice skating when I was younger.

How did you get involved in Roller Derby?

I knew Doc’d Marx through a mutual acquaintance and saw her updates on Facebook. I’d also seen a few videos on YouTube. It looked like a lot of fun, so when I heard fresh meat was coming up, I went and bought skates and gear and hoped for the best!

How did you choose your Derby name?

It’s a variation on “canned sunshine” which is another name for a nuclear weapon. Sounds kind of cutesy, is actually very not. I understand it’s also a kitschy 50s souvenir from Florida, and I love 50s stuff so that works out too.

What was your best “lightbulb” moment?

It’s not so much one moment as a lightbulb that’s always on but it has a sketchy dimmer switch so it doesn’t always light up. Understanding crossovers enough to finally get my white star was a good one though! Also figuring out that edges on quad skates were kind of like very very short skis (at least to me) was another.

 What is one piece of advice you would give a freshie?

“Sucking at something is the first step to being sorta good at something.” (Thanks, Jake the Dog!) Seriously, no matter how much you think you suck at skating, keep going. I’ve said to people I think the unofficial motto of VDL is “no one gets left behind” and it’s true. It will be frustrating at times but even the most naturally talented skaters get frustrated too, so…you just have to keep at it.

Did you play sport before Derby?

Just the usual netball and stuff in primary school, swimming and bike riding later as well as a dance class here and there. I wish derby had been around 20 years ago!

Who are your derby heroes and why?

Everyone who has managed to teach me something (this is pretty much everyone in the league by now). Outside of that, Beyonslay who skated with Gotham Girls a few years ago. There are only a few videos online of her outstanding blocking but they’re all mesmerising.

If you would like more info on joining VDL you can come along to our Fresh Meat Intake Info Night tonight!

Skater Spotlight: Doc’d Marx

Our illustrious President Doc’d Marx is in the spotlight this week. She made her bout debut last month against the Free Sisters but is no stranger to the pressure of bout day after being the DisHonour Rollers Line-up manager for most of last year.

Snow Bite: Skate into the woods February 2014 Photo Credit: Candace Sunshine

Snow Bite: Skate into the woods February 2014 Photo Credit: Candace Sunshine

How many years have you been skating?

Two and a bit years, apart from a few birthday parties and school excursions a long long time ago.

How did you get involved in roller derby?

A couple of my friends were involved and every time I saw Ravish, a former VDL skater, she would ask me “when are you going to come and play”. I told my partner this, he bought me skates and the rest is history.

What is your favourite position?

Immovable object on the inside line – or blocker as some would call it. Although I am also very comfortable as line up manager telling people what to do.

What was your best “lightbulb” moment?

My skating progress hasn’t really been in lightbulb moments – I have been slow and steady in coming to various skills. But my derby lightbulb moment was watching a game in Houston – the Psych Ward Sirens versus the Suicide Shifters from Dallas and suddenly it all made sense to me.

Do you have a pre-bout routine?

Not really – too worried that everything and everyone is where they should be.

What was your favourite bout moment?

In the bout versus Blue Mountains this year, we were sitting on the bench in the final five minutes of the game and were asking Reaper who was jamming what she wanted. The game was really close at the time, and it was even possible we might lose. Reaper said, I just want a power jam – and lo, it was delivered and we won handily. Good strategy on Reaper’s part.

How did you choose your derby name?

I’ve a PhD, hence the Doc, always been a student of Marxist theory – and then being a pretty crappy skater when I started the idea that I had lost points or marks “docked marks” brought it together.

What skate set-up do you have?

I’m skating on Antics with 92 Zombies. I like the higher ankle support of the Antiks – they at least give me the illusion of more manoeuvrability.

What is one piece of advice you would give a freshie?

Just keep trying. Even if you suck at it, try it and do it again. No one is going to think less of you for trying, and eventually you will find you are better at it.

Did you play sport before derby?

My father is an international athletics coach so I grew up in a household where sport was always a thing. I was the least talented of my siblings in the sport area. But I did athletics, netball, softball growing up, then became more interested in martial sports – started fencing, got a shodan (first level black belt) in kendo while living in Japan and later switched to aikido. The centering and stability needed for martial arts (as well as the ability to handle bruising) have really helped with derby. Before I started skating though, I really was only riding my bike and I still go riding for cross training purposes.

Who are your derby heroes and why?

Despite being a player who relies more on power and stability, I really love watching super agile juking players, and am a big fan or Shortstop and Penergy for that reason.

I am super proud of Copter, who drove me to my first derby session, and now is playing for Team Australia.

But my real derby heroes are the people who have consistently supported me through my slow improvements and continue to do so – whether it is by a few words of encouragement or giving me a hand in a drill where I am lagging behind. This is what I love about derby and why I have stayed, because my league mates are people who support you and love you, and most important help you to be the best player you can be.

How would you sum up your derby playing style in three words?

Strong, steady, stable.

VDL does the World’s Greatest Shave

words by Jessica Rabid – photos by Wyckedly Wyld

Varsity Derby League is pleased to have raised over $5000 for the Leukaemia Foundation! Thank you to everyone who sponsored a skater. Here’s how the shaving day went. 

Before. Photo by Wyckedly Wyld


After several days of nervous anticipation, Saturday the 15th finally arrived. Demolishus and I were up early to catch the Men’s Roller Derby World Cup qualifier between Australia and France, and before we knew it we were in the city drinking one final coffee with Amynal and our fabulous hosts, Kindle Café.  With only a little irony, Capital Carnage captain Skateslinger was unable to join us as he was on the road to Coffs Harbour with some newly qualified members of our men’s team to participate in a pot-luck game that evening.

Lightning bolt - photo by Wyckedly WyldWith the help of Susan from the Leukaemia Foundation we set up a shave and colour station out the front of the café on City Walk, and tested it out by using temporary colour to paint lightning bolts on the side of Demo’s sister’s head.

First to face the buzz of the clippers was Amynal, who trusted me to wield the shears. In front of a small crowd of family and friends her curls slowly adorned the pavement instead of her head.Amynal gets shorn - photo by Wyckedly Wyld

Amynal says goodbye -  photo by Wyckedly WyldAfter one of Lash’s daughters volunteered for some temporary colour of her own, I was up next and Demo took the over the clippers. I had celebrated my final day of being hair-enabled by dying my locks bright purple, which left me with a dappling of colour on my newly-shorn dome to the amusement of everyone.Demo shaves Rabid -  photo by Wyckedly Wyld

Demo was the third and final scalping. Having the longest hair of the three of us, we were saving the best for last! Demo’s mother took the honours of hacking off the foot-long pony tail, accompanied by some hilarious reminiscence of childhood haircuts.  The result was a surprisingly fabulous A-line bob, which I quickly butchered as I took over with scissors and clippers.Rabid shears Demo - photo by Wyckedly Wyld

I also took the opportunity to showcase my (lack of) talent at delicate work.

VDL - photo by Wyckedly WyldAt the end of the Shave we had three bald and several freshly-coloured heads and lots of smiles, and Varsity Derby League had raised over $5000 for the Leukaemia Foundation. But if you missed out on the fun, don’t despair! Two more VDL members, Four-Leaf Clobber and Mad Cow, will be conducting their shave as part of the half-time show at our bout on May 3. Hope to see you there!

After!  - photo by Wyckedly Wyld


Many thanks to Kindle Café for their support and the use of their venue for our World’s Greatest Shave event, and thank you to everyone who donated and come out to support us. We couldn’t have done it without you!