Skater spotlight – Copter

Not only a Carnage man and a Smackademic, but a Wizard of Oz too, our skater spotlight lights up the one and only Copter! What's your name? Copter How many years have you been skating?  4 How did you get involved in roller derby? I started with VDL as a ref, then took up playing

Skater Spotlight: K-Tality

Making her debut as team captain with the Rogue Scholars on 11 April will be...the one and only K-Tality! Photo by David Mackie/Soul Hunter Photography How many years have you been skating? 5 years How did you get involved in roller derby? I, like so many of us, saw the movie Whip It.

Skater Spotlight: Terror-Smackdal

It's a bird! It's a plane! Nope. Much worse - it's Terror-Smackdal, swooping in and clearing you off the track. She'll be terrorising the the competition at the 5x5 Roller Derby Championship tomorrow, watch out!How many years have you been skating?Bladed as a kid, but have been skating with derby for 3 years Credit - Steven Craddock

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Skater Spotlight: Astro Boyd / Sheriff of Naughty Slams

Skater Spotlight is proud to feature Astro Boyd aka Sheriff of Naughty Slams aka Sheri. Whatever his name is, he's a integral member of both the DisHonour Rollers, as a benchie, and Capital Carnage, as the original driving force to forming our men's team and as a kick-ass player. Also, tomorrow night he'll be playing in his

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