Please put your hands together for VDL’s first official team, The Dishonour Rollers! The following girls have absolutely exceeded every one’s expectations, (and I’m just riding on their coat tails) and absolutely smashed the Orange Star (bout readiness) requirements in a matter of months.

(in no particular order)

# 1792: Marie Slamtoinette
# 13: Kat A. Wall
# 68: Miss. Melee
# 23: Red Hot Jillie Pepper
# 385: Miss Ravish’em
# 616: Rubi Doom
# 7: Legz Helleven
# 56: Tank Grrl
# 902: Junk Punch
# 10 mg: Diazeslam
# 16: Lady Collider
# 74: Tori Smack

This is the first team roster to be announced by VDL EVER, so it’s quite the event, we’re all looking forward to putting ourselves to the test at a closed bout hosted by Canberra Roller Derby League next month.

This team is by no means yet complete. There are still two reserve positions to be finalised, pending further assessment. Further honourable mentions go out to Bubble ‘o Kill, who was injured in the line of duty and will be manning the bench with Drool Sargent until she’s repaired and The Ref Barron, who exceeded ref requirements and also completed his Orange Star.

Our baby league is growing up!! *sheds a tear* Needles to say, I’m incredibly proud of the league and the skaters, every one has come so, so far, so expect more team announcements soon!!

Positively glowing with pride

-Rubi Doom.