Varsity Derby League (VDL) is a not-for-profit sporting dedicated to promoting the sport of women’s flat track roller derby. VDL supports, encourages and develops skaters in their skating ability, whilst promoting the values of goodwill and good sportsmanship. VDL strives for excellence in skating and bouting, with an emphasis on fun, fitness and the promotion of a positive body image.

Varsity Derby League will foster strong inter-league relationships with roller derby leagues within Australia and internationally, and will utilise these relationships to improve and enhance the skills of the VDL skaters and to support the growth of roller derby both locally and internationally.


Under this Constitution, unless the contrary intention appears:

Association” means the ANU Sport and Recreation Association Incorporated;

Club” means an affiliated Club of the Association;

“Committee Member” means a member of the Executive Committee who holds the office of one of the following:


Vice President




Head referee

And any other positions that may be elected into the Executive Committee.

Council” means the ANU Sport and Recreation Association Incorporated Sport and Recreation Council;

“In writing” means any correspondence received by regular mail, email or any other written form including faxes and short message service (SMS);

“League” means the Varsity Derby League;

“Member” means an ordinary member of the Sports Association or an associate member of the Sports Association;

University” means the Australian National University

1.         NAME

The name of the Club shall be the ‘Varsity Derby League hereinafter referred to as the ‘League’.

2.            AFFILIATION

The League is an affiliated club under the Association ‘Affiliated Clubs Regulations’ (Appendix A).

3.            OBJECTS

The objects of the Varsity Derby League are:

(a)        to encourage, foster, develop, extend and control the sport of flat track roller derby for the benefit of the University community;

(b)        to participate in Interclub and such other activities as are deemed to be in the interests of the League;

(c)        to co-operate with other persons or organisations of similar interest;

(d)        to act as an Affiliated Club of the Association, in accordance with the Constitution and by-laws of the Association, and to co-operate in the activities of the Association.

4.            CONSTITUTION

(a)        The League will be conducted in accordance with this Constitution.

(b)            Amendments to this Constitution require a two-thirds (2/3) majority of those present at a General Meeting properly convened as under Clause 12 of this Constitution.

(c)            Changes to this Constitution approved by a general meeting of the League under Clause 4 (b) shall have no effect unless ratified by the Council.

5.            MEMBERSHIP

(a)            Membership is open to persons of all genders and races over the age of 18.

[j1]  who provide evidence of and maintain current membership of the Association[j2] .. Membership ceases if the person dies, resigns, or is expelled from the League.

(b)            Members who identify as women may train and compete as a derby skater. All members are welcome to participate as referees, trainers, coaches, officials and managers.

(c)            Each member will pay a club fee to be determined from year to year by the Annual General Meeting and payable to the Treasurer on or by dates specified by the Annual General Meeting. Where the Annual General Meeting does not specify a date the 31 March will apply by default.

(d)            Failure to pay the annual fee by the date specified in 5 (c) will result in the member being automatically suspended from participating in all activities under the control of the Club, until the fee is paid.

(e)            Membership is not transferable.

(f)            The League secretary must maintain a register of members of the League specifying the name and contact details of each member together with the date on which the person became a member.

6.            COMMITTEE

(a)        The Committee shall consist of an Executive, consisting of President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer, Coach, Head Referee and Media Liaison. Only Ordinary members of the Association are eligible for election to the Executive.

(b)        The members of the Committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting of the League, or as provided under Sub-Section (d) of this clause and will hold office until the next Annual General Meeting.  A person may be nominated for the Committee in absentia provided they have consented in writing.

(c)        Each Member of the Executive Committee is, subject to this Constitution, to hold office until the conclusion of the Annual General Meeting following the AGM where that Member was elected. That is, each Executive Committee office will be occupied for one year. Upon conclusion of that year, a member of the executive committee is eligible for re-election for that office only in the absence of any other nominations for that office.

(d)        A member of the Committee shall vacate their office if they –

  • cease to be a member of the League;
  • are absent without leave from any two consecutive Committee meetings;
  • tender their resignation;
  • lose the support of a 2/3 majority of members at a General Meeting of the League.

(e)        If any position on the Committee becomes vacant for any reason the Committee may elect any member of the League to fill such vacancy.

(f)        The quorum at a meeting of the Committee will be half plus one of the members.


The President will:

(a)            promote and effect the objects of the League;

(b)        preside at General and Committee meetings of the League and preserve order thereat, or in their absence, the Vice President shall do so;

(c)            convene or instruct the Secretary to convene all meetings of the League and the League Committee;

(d)        sign all documents which require their signature as official head of the League and sign all minutes of meetings of the Club after the same are duly confirmed.


The Secretary will:

(a)        record and promptly deal with all correspondence and submit the same to the Committee;

(b)        keep minutes of meetings of the League and of the Committee;

(c)        give all necessary notice of meetings;

(d)        upon request, forward to the Executive Officer of the Association the following:

  • the minutes of the Annual General Meeting
  • the names of office bearers elected at that meeting
  • the Annual Reports adopted by that meeting
  • the statements of accounts adopted at that meeting
  • a copy of all current by-laws and regulations of the League;

(e)        forward to the Executive Officer of the Association application for the Annual Grant, or for any additional or special grant, as directed by the Committee or a General Meeting;

(f)        prepare an Annual Report for submission to the Annual General Meeting of the League;

(g)            maintain a register of members of the League pursuant to Section 5(f);

(h)       carry out any other duties the Committee or a General Meeting directs.


The Treasurer will:

(a)        keep a correct account of all money received and paid out by the League;

(b)        under no consideration pay, lend or otherwise appropriate any of the funds of the League to any persons, purpose or cause whatsoever save when authorised by a General Meeting of the Club or by the Committee;

(c)        after authorisation of payments by a General Meeting or the Committee, sign all cheques drawn on the League’s bank accounts and arrange for same to be countersigned by another member of the League Executive;

(d)        ensure that all monies received on behalf of the League are correctly accounted for and, as soon as possible after receipt, deposited into the League’s bank account, and have charge of the Statements of Accounts of the League;

(e)        present to the Committee in each semester a statement of the League’s  finances and of the  income and expenditure of the preceding semester;

(f)        prepare and have presented at the Annual General Meeting a statement of Receipts and Expenditure, a Balance Sheet and a Financial Report for the preceding year, to a standard which may be specified by the Association, and ensure that all accounts are an accurate record kept to a standard acceptable to the Association;

(g)            maintain custody of all books, records and documentation pertaining to finances. After the accounts for the financial year have been audited, and AGM held, a copy of the concluded financial year documents will be transferred to the Secretary and held for 7 years. In the event the Treasurer steps down, does not re-elect or is dismissed, all books, records, electronic files and documentation will be passed to the Secretary until the role of treasurer is reappointed.

10.            DUTIES OF MEMBERS

The members will:

(a)       abide by the Constitution and by-laws of the League;

(b)            promptly pay League fees and charges;

(c)        conduct their activities in such a manner as to not expose other members of the League to any additional danger or undue risk.


The Committee will have the power, subject to any direction by a General Meeting of the League, to:

(a)        direct the Treasurer to pay the charges and expenses incidental to the conduct and management of the League;

(b)            generally manage the affairs of the League so as to carry out its objects;

(c)        arrange the Agenda for any General Meeting of the League;

(d)        set up Sub-Committees as necessary to deal with or report on such matters as may be referred to them by the Committee;

(e)            interpret any question arising out of the Constitution;

(f)            authorise the Secretary to apply for an Annual Grant, or any special grant, in accordance with the Association Affiliated Clubs Regulations, or any other requirement of the Association;

(g)        charge for use of League equipment, admission to any function, or for any League activity;

(h)       make, amend or repeal by-laws as they may deem necessary for the proper conduct of the League.  The Committee will acquaint members with the making, amending or repeal of such by-laws through the same notification procedure which is used to advise members of a General Meeting (refer 12 (e);

(i)            transact, or report on any business referred to it by any General Meeting of the League;

(j)        suspend from membership of the League any member failing to comply with the requirements of Clause 10 of this Constitution, and recommend to Sport and Recreation Council that the suspended member be expelled from the League.

12.            GENERAL MEETINGS

(a)            The General Meeting of the League shall be the controlling body of the League and its decisions may only be overturned at a subsequent General Meeting.

(b)            The Annual General Meeting of the League shall be held towards the end of the academic year and in good time for a new committee to be elected prior to the preparation of the Annual Club Grant to be submitted to the Sports Association the following year.

(c)            General Meetings shall be convened by the Secretary at the direction of the President and/or considered necessary by the Committee;


(d)            within ten (10) days of the receipt of a requisition in writing stating the object and signed by not less than five (5) members.

(e)            The time and place of every General Meeting of the League shall be given at least fourteen (14) days prior to the day appointed for the meeting.  The Secretary shall inform members of the Agenda for the meeting at least four (4) days prior to the day appointed for the meeting.  A notice posted on the official notice board of the Association, and distributed electronically to all members who have provided to the League Secretary their current electronic mail address, will be sufficient notice to the members.

(f)            Notice of Motion for any General Meeting including any notice of motion for the amendment of this Constitution shall be in writing and given to the Secretary at least eight (8) days prior to the day appointed for the meeting.

(g)            At all General Meetings of the League the Chairman shall have a casting vote only.

(h)           A quorum at a General Meeting of the League shall be one third (1/3) of the current members.



(i)             If within half (1/2) an hour after the appointed time for the commencement of the general meeting a quorum is not present, the meeting shall be dissolved.

(j)             On any question arising at a general meeting of the League an Ordinary member has one vote only.

(k)           Proxy voting is not permitted. All votes must be cast in person.

(l)             Voting at general meetings shall be by show of hands unless a secret ballot is demanded.

(m)          All decisions at general meetings shall be made by a simple majority vote except for an issue where a different majority is required by this Constitution. In the event of an equality of votes on a question at a general meeting, the chairperson of the meeting is entitled to exercise a second or casting vote.

(n)           The Chairperson shall not be able to move motions and shall have a casting vote only.

14.             DISPUTE RESOLUTION


(a)        The procedures set out in this section applies to grievances and disputes arising between members and disputes between a member and the League. All resolution processes will focus on restoring a positive relationship between the parties

(b)             Grievances and issues should be raised with:

  • A member of the executive committee
  • A Team Captain

(c)        All parties will ensure confidentiality is maintained throughout the entire grievance process.

(d)        If, after the matter is initially raised, the member does not feel like it is resolved, the member will notify the executive committee in writing. The executive committee will endeavor to  resolve the matter and determine an appropriate resolution.

(d)            Once the resolution process is instigated the investigation and agreed action items must be progressed in a timely manner. The times defined in this procedure may be extended by mutual agreement between the parties.

(e)        The principles of natural justice will be maintained throughout all grievance resolution processes. This means that all accusations of misconduct or inappropriate behaviour will not be assumed to have been proved until relevant investigations have been concluded.

15.            DISSOLUTION

(a)        The League may be dissolved only by the resolution of a majority of at least two thirds (2/3) of the total membership of the League.  Notice of such meetings shall be distributed to all members at least two (2) weeks before the meeting and shall include Notice of Motion to dissolve the League.

(b)        Any League assets will be divided equally among the League Members or donated to a local charity where the sum is not substantial enough to be divided equally.


Copies of this Constitution shall be available on demand from the Secretary.

Adopted at a General Meeting of the Club held on ________________________.

 [j1]Do we need something about this in here??

 [j2]This means ANUSAR association. Do we want to keep this in? This would mean non-students would have to be SAR members to be VDL members.