(Credit for pretty much all these photos to Soul Hunter/David Mackie.)

Since Carnage attended Men’s National’s in November and the DisHonour Rollers and Rogue Scholars played their last games of the season in early December, it’s time to have a well deserved break from derby. By taking a break, we of course mean travelling the country for things like Derby Fest, ramp skating with Estrojen, and just enjoying our beautiful Canberra on skates.

2015 has been an exciting and busy year for Varsity Derby League! We have seen our league grow dramatically over the last 12 months. In 2014, we had one Women’s team (The DisHonour Rollers) and one Men’s representative team (Capital Carnage). We expanded this in 2015 to include an additional women’s team (The Rogue Scholars), and our first dedicated mixed team, The Smackademics. We have taken on many new skaters, with over 100 skaters currently affiliated with the league on either a casual or competitive basis.

Our teams have trained and played extremely hard this year, with all teams exceeding the goals they set for themselves at the start of the year:

– The DisHonour Rollers came 3rd in Division A of ERRD, their highest achievement to date.

– The Rogue Scholars came 4th in Division B of ERRD, which was an exceptional effort as for many it was their first tournament.

– Capital Carnage came 4th in the Australian Men’s Roller Derby Nationals. They placed 7th in 2014 and played hard to make this goal a reality.

– The Smackademics came 2nd in Australia in the first ever Australian National mixed tournament the United Roller Derby Playoffs, hosted by Kingston City Rollers.
While these are amazing achievements, they come from a place of dedication, sweat, tears, and love of all things derby. Our league prides itself on inclusiveness, openness and enabling derby in the wider community. We have travelled a lot this season for what we believe in and hope the leagues we have touched enjoyed playing us as much as we enjoyed playing them.

We would like to thank all the teams and leagues that we played this year. Overall, we played 51 games across 27 leagues this season, both from Australia and overseas.

We would like to thank:

Blue Mountains Roller Derby League 

Brisbane City Rollers 

Coffs Chaos 

Coffs Coast Derby Dolls 

Canberra Roller Derby League 

Geelong Roller Derby League 

The Guild of Roller Derby 

Hawkesbury Area Roller Derby 

Inner West Roller Derby

Light City Derby 

Newcastle Roller Derby League 

New York Shock Exchange 

Northern Beaches Roller Girls 

Outcast Derby 

Perth Roller Derby 

Perth Men’s Derby 

Port Macquarie Roller Derby League

South Side Derby Dolls 

Sydney City Smash

Sydney Roller Derby League 

Swan City Derby 

Tasmania Brawlers 

Tweed Valley 

Wagga Derby Dolls 

Wollongong Illawarra Roller Derby 

Western Sydney Rollers 

While this in itself is a great achievement for our league, it pales in comparison to the monumental task of officiating four inter-league teams. Our Team Zebra, not wanting to be beaten by the teams, have filled a total of 225 on-skates officials positions across the country this year (across 13 referees). They have also filled 110 NSO positions for a total of 335 official positions!

We are privileged to have such a dedicated crew. Our approach of allowing skaters to both play and skate has also led us increase our Team Zebra to 15 on-skates, bout capable officials this year!

We’d also like to thank our dedicated fans who support our teams both home and away. We love you to bits and look forward to getting to know you even better in 2016.

So what’s next for Varsity Derby League? We will be holding intakes for new skaters around February/March, with many other things in planning for 2016 and we look forward to sharing once they come to fruition. 

Until then, stay safe over the holidays, and see you next year!