WDD and VDL after the bout - Photo by David Mackie

Photo by David Mackie

The DisHonour Rollers skated against the Wagga Derby Dolls’ Murderous Crows on 3 August. Though it was only the Crows’ second official bout ever, they played a good game and gave the DHRs plenty of work to do! There was a fair bit of back-and-forth power jamming, especially towards the end of the game. With 18 minutes to go in the bout, the DHRs were on 209 points and MCs were on 48. Though there was some great blocking from the DHRs, the MCs scored well in those last minutes, getting up to 106!

Final score: VDL DisHonour Rollers 267, WDD Murderous Crows 106.

Thanks to Wagga Derby Dolls for an awesome bout, hope we can meet again soon for more derby!