In case you missed the info night, or just want a recap of the information, here it all is. 🙂

Skate sessions
About boot camp
Where to get skate gear

Skate sessions

You can come try skating with us at one or both skate sessions!

These are:

  1. Sunday 19 March, 10am – 12 pm.
  2. Friday 24 March, 7.30pm – 9.30 pm.

Location of trainingLocation: Queanbeyan High School multipurpose hall, carpark entrance is on Surveyor St. (Click/tap the map for a bigger version.)

There will be plenty of experienced skaters on hand to help you! We are happy to hold your hand as much as you like. Many of our team skaters had no skating experience or hadn’t even played a sport before they joined, so we know what it’s like to try something so different!


The skate sessions will cost $20 – you only need to pay once). This is set by our insurer. This will be credited to your bootcamp fee if you decide to join us. We will have EFTPOS available.

The all-inclusive bootcamp, membership fee and full insurance fee is $200 (so $180 if you came to the skate sessions). If you have difficulty paying, please talk to our Treasurer, Terrorsmackdal. She’s only terrifying if you’re on an opposing team!

Beginner boot camp

Begins on Sunday 26 March at 10am-12pm. There will be a total of 16 sessions over 8 weeks, specially designed to get you skating, understanding the basics of roller derby rules, equipment maintenance, and fitness. If you’ve already got more advanced skate skills, we can adjust training sessions to your skill level.

At the end of boot camp, there is a skills test. Don’t worry – it’s not compulsory, and we don’t kick you out if you’re not up to it yet. We do strongly encourage you to try whatever your skill level, however – it’s a good way to see which areas you might need to work on a bit more. The basic level is White Star – and you can begin referee training; the next is Yellow Star – you can participate in scrimmages when you get this far; then Orange Star, which is equivalent to WFTDA minimum skills, required to play official games. If you feel confident to do so, you can take the Yellow or Orange Star test at the end of boot camp.

After boot camp, for those that get White Star and those who need a little more time to get there, the sessions become general training aimed at progressing your skills to the next star level. If you pass a more advanced star level, you can attend advanced training sessions and scrimmages. (Referees in training can skate at scrimmages at White Star level.)


For the skate sessions, you MUST bring your own mouthguard. An inexpensive boil-and-bite one from the chemist is fine, though if you want to spend a little more, the slimline Sisu brand mouthguards from some sports and skate shops are very popular with derby skaters.

We will have skates and safety gear available to borrow for the introductory sessions. You can buy or borrow your own ahead of time if you like. You will need:

Roller skates – derby/speed style preferred over artistic/figure boots:
Roller skates
Basic fitting guide: usually sold in USA men’s shoe sizes or Euro sizes (except Bont). Riedell is known to be generally a narrow fit; Sure Grip, Crazy Skates and Bonts are a little to a lot wider. The entry-level boots from Crazy and Bont are a touch more expensive but they are heat mouldable.
Wheels: Make sure your skates have indoor wheels – most derby skates come with suitable wheels. Outdoor wheels (such as those on Moxie skates) are very soft and can be difficult to use indoors for beginners.
Other issues: If you are a heavier person, think about getting skates with harder wheels and preferably a metal plate. (The plate is the bit that attaches your wheels to the boot.) It will be easier to skate! You can talk about this more with VDL trainers or any of the skate shops listed below.

A safety-rated helmet – skate style or ice hockey:

Knee and elbow pads (hard caps recommended – you only have one set of joints…!) :

Wrist guards with a splint:

And of course, a mouthguard:

Other permitted, but not compulsory, safety gear includes: shin guards, ankle guards, padded shorts (for tailbone and hip protection), sports glasses/goggles, clear half-face shields (like on ice hockey helmets), groin protectors, and hard shell sports bras. It’s up to you how much extra you want to wear!

Where to get skate gear

Many of these retailers offer specials on “fresh meat packs”, shipping or league discounts. You should enquire with each – they might have changed since we last bought our freshie gear. 🙂

In Canberra:

8 Track Skate Co, 5 Leeton St, Fyshwick (inside Adrenalin) – (02) 6295 6615. Best time for derby gear is Saturdays – call ahead though and check that someone will be there to help you.


Extreme Skates

Sydney Derby Skates

Skater HQ
If you have difficult feet to fit, try to arrange to speak to Bill at Skater HQ – he’s known as the Skate Whisperer!

Roller Derby Heaven


Facebook – Roller Derby – Buy Swap Sell Australia (closed group)
Gumtree or your local classifieds


If you have any questions at all, we’re here to help! Email us at