Bambi and Aunty with VDL's REFLcopter

From the media section behind the benches the stands looked packed to the roof with bright green fan club tees of team SG, but the Red Bellied Black Hearts won tonight 87/144.

Start to end the Black Heart jammers were pushing through the pack with superior skill and speed… and a little help from their friends.

Shining star Bambi Von Smash’er slipped through with her beautiful invisibility trick again and again to riotous applause, but it was the work of a few fabulous players that gave the Black Hearts that special something something tonight.

FaunaCat was frankly going off and did a dance to show her pleasure; Speedin’ Seagal did a little victory lap of her own; and Bebe Aggressive pulled some lovely pushes through the pack, playing like her name says she should.

A bit of lick and spit in team work gave the Black Hearts the upper hand, communicating with their bench and successfully blocking all the jammers the Griffins had to throw.

At half time the Black Hearts were up 47/76 and it didn’t get much nicer for team green.

The second half began with a smash as some tired skaters pulled a few sloppy hits and saw the Surly’s failing to grab their dignity on the way down, not calling off jams when they had the upper hand.

“More blocking less hitting,” VDL’s Ravish’em said.

“If you’re going to do hitting, don’t miss because missing is lame.”

Anne Thrax and Rainbow Spite did an excellent job in holding the numbers up for the Surly Griffins, but Sarg wanted to know why Kitty Savage, Aunty Aggro and Amykazee weren’t on the track at the same time.

It could have been the lower team numbers tonight with just ten and eleven players on the court, according to Miss Melee and the Ref Baron, which would have caused issues with player rotation.

Jillie Pepper reckons this is the most strategic bout we’ve seen from the Canberra Roller Derby League and next season it will be even more so.

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