Roller Derby Canberra Fresh Meat Men Women Mixed RefereesThanks to everyone for waiting patiently for the announcement for “Fresh Meat”! Now is your chance to join Canberra’s gender-inclusive roller derby league.

Information night

When: Thursday 13 August
Time: 7 pm
Where: Eight Track Skate Co (Adrenalin Boardstore), 5 Leeton St, Fyshwick

This is where you can come hear all about how freshies and VDL work; ask any questions about derby, skating, gear, etc; and meet and have a chat to some of the trainers and other skaters in the league. Also you can check out the roller derby gear in the shop.

Come-and-try skating afternoon

When: Saturday 15 August
Time: 2.30 pm – 4.30 pm
Where: Queanbeyan High School (car park entrance on Surveyor St) – there will be signs to direct you to the sports hall.

Try some skating out! VDL trainers and team skaters will be there to demonstrate derby skills and help you try some for yourself. Remember it doesn’t matter if you can’t even stand up on skates yet, we’re here to help! (And while it’s not compulsory to have come to the info night to attend the skate afternoon, it does help.)

There will be some gear available to borrow for the come-and-try afternoon. You will need your own mouthguard. A cheap boil and bite one from the chemist is ok, but most people pay a little more for a Sisu brand mouthguard, which is much less bulky. What to wear? Basically what you’d wear to the gym or other workout. And bring a water bottle!

If you are keen to get geared up, 8 Track Skate Co at 5 Leeton St, Fyshwick offers a skate hire and discount purchase deal for freshies.

You will need:

Your own mouthguard
– Derby roller skates (figure/artistic skates not recommended)
– Knee pads with hard caps
– Elbow pads with hard caps
– Wrist guards which have a splint
– Helmet suitable for skate/contact sports

When does the fresh meat ‘boot camp’ start?

Early September – the date will be finalised soon. This will give you enough time to get gear if you need it and make sure you’re ready for freshies! There are no ‘tryouts’ at the end of the 8 weeks, just a non-scary assessment of your skills to take you to your next step in training. We don’t boot anyone out.

If you have any questions at all we are happy to answer them. (Just try to stop us talking about roller derby…) We also have a Fresh Meat FAQ!

You can send our trainers a message here: