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Want to learn to play roller derby?

Have you been thinking about getting into roller derby? Maybe you’ve never been into sport but roller derby intrigues you, or maybe you’re looking for a new fitness challenge. Or maybe you want to wear stripes and lay down the law. VDL welcomes anyone of any gender who wants to skate roller derby or officiate as referees or non-skating officials. You don’t need to know how to skate, we’ll teach you. You just need to be 18 or older and willing to give it a go. (And off-skates officials don’t need to skate at all of course.)

We have people of all ages, shapes, sizes and backgrounds in our league – it’s part of why we love our league so much! Roller derby is for everybody, whether you’re a super competitive athlete or just want to have fun while getting fit and making friends. Our trainers and coaches are wonderful and will help you develop your skills so you can get the most out of roller derby. After the eight week bootcamp, where you learn all the basics, we encourage you to take a skills test to attend more advanced training – but don’t worry, if you take a little longer to develop your skills, that’s perfectly ok! You can keep coming to training – nobody gets left behind. See our Fresh Meat FAQ.

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Transfers/experienced skaters

If you already have some roller derby experience, get in contact with our trainers ( to find out how to join us.

More information

Check out our FAQ for potential “fresh meat” – including referees and NSOs – it answers most of the questions most people have about joining a roller derby league!

Or email us or contact us via Facebook or Twitter.