Canberra - fresh meat roller derby intakeVDL is excited to announce our first “fresh meat” intake for 2015!

If you want to play roller derby or become a referee or official, now’s your chance.

VDL is gender-inclusive and we have men’s, women’s and “co-ed” non-gendered teams. And the referees’ “Team Zebra” is of course open to anyone. You don’t need to know how to skate or how to play roller derby, we will teach you everything you need to know. You do need to be 18 or older, though.

Come to one of our information sessions to find out more and meet the trainers and skaters.

Tuesday 10 February OR Tuesday 17 February, 7 pm
Adrenalin Boardstore, 5 Leeton St, Fyshwick.

After the information sessions, there will be three free trial sessions where you can try skating with us. These will be on Saturday 21, Tuesday 24 and Saturday 28 February. Our special Fresh Meat Bootcamp begins on 14 March. (Don’t worry, it’s the fun kind of bootcamp.)

Some equipment will be available for new skaters to borrow for these sessions, except mouthguards. You’ll need your own mouthguard.

The basic gear you will need is:
Quad roller skates – derby style if possible, artistic/figure skates aren’t recommended
Knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards  – as good a quality as you can afford – your joints are worth protecting!
Helmet – rounded derby/skate helmet, or ice hockey helmet. A bike helmet is ok for the trial sessions.
Mouthguard. Important! You can’t borrow these. 🙂 Sisu brand mouthguards are good (you can talk and drink while wearing them) but a boil-and-bite one from the chemist is ok too.

If you have any more questions, check our Fresh Meat FAQ, email us, or contact us via Facebook or Twitter.

We can’t wait to meet you!