Spend two minutes with Madam Lash, one of our Rogue Scholars who’ll be playing Outcast Derby here in Canberra on 21 May.

Subtitles available on video.


ML: Hi, I’m Madam Lash. I’m with Varsity Derby League’s Rogue Scholars. We’ll be hitting the track on 21st of May against Outcast Derby. Come down and see us play.

Q: How did you get your derby name?

ML: My name – it’s an actual name my brother gave me when I was a teenage. And it was a bit of a joke because I’m actually nothing like that. So – it was given to me by my brother.

Q: Did you play sport before derby?

ML: I didn’t play a lot of sport as a kid. I rode horses and I did artistic skating.

Q: What was your derby “lightbulb moment”?

ML: Training’s for training. You don’t have to get everything at training first off. That’s why you do training.

Q: What skates do you have?

ML: I have Crazy plates, I have Bont derby boots, and I have Atom Jukes as wheels.

Q: What advice would you give a freshie?

ML: One piece advice I’d give is a freshie is to keep trying and don’t get discouraged.

Q: Who are your derby heroes?

ML: I’d have to say my derby heroes are Scald Eagle and Stefanie Mainey. I attended boot camp with them at the beginning of the year and they were the most accommodating women and the most talented women I have ever met.

Q: How would you describe your derby style?

I’ve been working very hard to be a blocker and becoming more ferocious on the track, so I guess I’m focused, and ferocious, and scared s—less most days!