So a couple of us ladies have been hitting the concrete surfaces of our capital’s many car parking spaces at night of late, practicing our special tricks and curly turns.

Just to get our skating down if we can’t make training… *cough* me.

Like the coolest kids in town, Bec and I got all kitted up this fine freezing Saturday night and painted the town with some rubbery out-door wheels and my sk8er boi… er man.

We set up a little chicane of the alcohol-free beer cans and softies sk8er man has been gulping this dry July and had a go swishing through them slalom.

(It would totally have been more legit if we had actual beer cans in our pockets and some roll your owns.)

Here’s some snaps!

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Bec’s loose trucks, smaller wheels and cooler moves worked well in her favour, but I’m going to persevere!! Even if I am the most unco person in Varsity, what I lack in talent I will make up for in sheer bloody-mindedness. Promise.

Anyway, it was fun and sk8er man showed that he can still ollie over a few stacked up alcohol-free beer cans at 30+. And so can Bec. On roller skates. OH YES!!

Here’s to night skating, which can only improve with the weather!