On the 30th of November, I flew out of Sydney for a two month overseas adventure.

So, on Tuesday night (29th), after watching Professor Pitts get Orange Starred at training, I went home, beer in hand, and started packing.

Like every good derby girl, I lovingly cleaned my skates and placed them into my carry on bag, and packed (read: shoved) two and a bit months worth of clothes around pads, wheels and VDL merch.

Most of my time away will be spent in Vancouver, but I’d planned a side trip to San Francisco, just one night, but enough to stretch my legs and get my skate on.

After a sleepless, 14 odd hour flight I hopped off the plane in San Francisco and dashed to my hostel for a nap, before grabbing a few maps and going for a walk to scope out the potential for skating.

I wondered around for a few hours, up and down several INSANELY STEEP hills, eventually getting crazy lost when night fell.

Crazy Steep Hill

Crazy Steep Hill

Please don't Occupy my hostel room.

Managing, somehow, not to freak out, I walked around all the blocks in the general area of where I was staying, eventually finding my way back to the hostel.

I got myself a Slurpee with a mother fucking CANDY STRAW!! at the 7/11 down the road and turned in for the night, planning on getting more Zzz in preparation for the next day’s San Francisco style Bridge to Bridge.


The next morning, I got up, packed my bags, went downstairs for the complimentary breakfast, and stuffed myself in preparation for unknown hours of skating.

As it turns out, the water front path from Embarcadero to Golden Gate bridge is roughly 9.3Km, including a slight detour down along the Historic Pier to get a good photo of Alcatraz.

Luckily, unlike the rest of San Francisco, the waterfront is relatively flat, with the exception of the hill around Fort Mason.

Getting up it was a BITCH, and getting down it I had to side step on the grass on the side of the foot path, not only because of the length and how steep it was, but also because it was COVERED (as most of the path is the park was) in pine cones that make you nose dive into the path when they catch under a wheel.

Fort Mason's hill

So, I walked down to The Embarcadero, past Occupy SF, walked past the space ship, to just before the bow and arrow, and put on my skates, here’s a bunch of photos from along the way:

The most notable obstacle was the really inconsistent surface.

I clipped a wheel in a crack in the pavement several times, ‘Tact-Tiles’ almost made me face plant onto the road and there were these two blocks that really demonstrated how mondo bizzaro the whole thing was… one block had this beautiful, coated, almost Cannery like surface:

then I crossed the street to this:

A couple of blocks after that I got assailed by flying sand.

So much so that I had to buy new bearings when I got to Vancouver, cus the ones I was skating on were making lovely crunching noises.

At any rate, I think the whole thing took me somewhere between an hour and two. I kept stopping to take photos and, you know, be a tourist.

It was great!

I hopped off my skates, walked back to the science museum, where I spent a couple of hours before hunting down a bus which would take me back to my hostel.

In the long held tradition of beer after a good skate, I popped into this pizza joint that did a slice of pizza and a local beer for $5, the pizza was divine, and the beer wasn’t bad either. For an American beer.

See you in Vancouver!!

<3 Rubi Doom