Diazeslam has been skating with VDL since it’s inception and is a force to be reckoned with when she takes to the track. She is also in the support crew for the Men’s Team.

 Skate Hard with a Vengeance July 2013. Photo Credit: Steven Craddock

Skate Hard with a Vengeance July 2013. Photo Credit: Steven Craddock

How many years have you been skating?

I did a bit of rollerblading and skateboarding as a youngster, but nothing serious. I have been skating for just over three years.

How did you get involved in roller derby?

I started skating at the beginning of 2011 after a visit to Brisbane where my good friends Killya Darling and Rawshark told me that they had joined up with Northern Brisbane Rollers. I thought it sounded pretty fun and I hadn’t been involved in a team sport for a while, so I bought some skates and popped myself onto the CRDL waiting list and also joined a facebook group called Canberra freshies skate tour (I think). One glorious day a then stranger/ now derby wife Bubble O’ Kill posted about wanting to start skating in Canberra and I replied, and before I knew it we had arranged a blind skate date at the lake.

A few stumbles, flails and a wedding photo bomb later we had both had our first outdoor skate and had unknowingly started a pretty amazing journey together. Through this group, Jillie Pepper told usthat she had been skating with a lovely bunch of girls who were starting a roller derby league based at ANU. Bubble and I went along one week after Jillie had started, so we were there pretty much from the beginning!

What is your favourite position?

I really enjoy playing all positions – variety is the spice of life! I guess the position I like the most is pivot because I love the strategy of roller derby and I like pushing people around (kidding!)

What was your best lightbulb moment?

I’ve had a lot of these. In the early days I just couldn’t get plow stops. One day Jillie rolled past me and saw me cursing my ineptness and she said ‘Just pretend that you are sitting on a chair’. After that I had no problems with them. Bloody GoreJess also taught me how to do hockey stops properly by doing a ‘C’ before the stop, which works a treat. Luludemon also provided me with a lightbulb moment at Rollercon 2012 when she showed us ‘salmoning’

Do you have a pre bout routine?

I actually don’t, I try to treat it as a normal day so I don’t get nervous! The night before I do usually try to get to bed early and the few days leading up to a bout I make sure I drink plenty or water.

Do you have a pre bout song to get amped?

No I don’t, but if I did it would be Wrecking Ball.

What has been your best bouting moment?

The best moments are when a strategy goes exactly to plan and works. My favourite moments have also been when my team mates have blasted out amazing power jams as jammers: Lasseration, Jillie Pepper, Bloody GoreJess, Chikillya, Reaper Cussions and Beverly Bonecrusher are a few that have stuck in my mind. Another favourite moment was when I jammed against Sheriff of Naughtyslams at the Skate Free, CRASH HARD multi-bout fun day in Wollongong this year.

Who is your Derby hero?

Bubble O’Kill is the most committed, driven and talented roller derby player I know. She just loves the sport and continuously works to improve her fitness and skills, and she has had immense and well-deserved success, most recently as part of CRDL. Bubble has been with me on this journey every step of the way with encouragement, support and adventures and I am sure I wouldn’t have stuck with it without her!

My other hero is Jillie Pepper. Jillie has participated in every Varsity bout and has been a skilled player and influential presence since the beginning of ANU roller derby and Varsity Derby League. Jillie is one of those players who has a powerful presence on the track and is a true triple threat. If she is not on my team, I am sad because I don’t get to play with her AND because it is highly likely she will deck me. She is also my hero because she always strives to do the right thing by people, has a huge amount of honour and integrity and saved a poor doggy from a main road in Penrith two years ago while we were at ERRD.

Also the DisHonour Rollers are my hero’s!

If you could give one piece of advice to a Freshie what would it be? 

If you are going to wear glasses while playing, make sure they fit well!