It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Nope. Much worse – it’s Terror-Smackdal, swooping in and clearing you off the track. She’ll be terrorising the the competition at the 5×5 Roller Derby Championship tomorrow, watch out!

How many years have you been skating?

Bladed as a kid, but have been skating with derby for 3 years


Credit – Steven Craddock

How did you get involved in roller derby?

I had seen a few bouts/games (what is the correct term these days?!?!) here in Canberra and always thought how awesome it would be to be able to play full contact sport! But I was a big scaredy cat and feared failure so I just kept it as a dream. I then backed up, moved to Brisbane to live with my sister, who was also interested in derby. A few months later, all innocent and unaware of what I was getting myself into, with fresh meat gear in hand, I attended a BCR Fresh Meat intake and the rest is history!

What is your favourite position?

Upright! Hahah, ahhh probably as a pivot, in position 1 on the track.

What was your best “lightbulb” moment?

Tough question! Derby is all about lightbulb moments. Whether it be a passing comment by a friend suggesting to bend your knees more when trying to hockey stop, or realising just how much of your butt you can use when blocking across a track. I have lightbulb moments quite regularly!

Do you have a pre-bout routine? 

Kind of! I always wear the same bra, singlet and undies to every bout. When gearing up, I go through in my head what I know I can do and what I aim to achieve.I then do a couple laps on my own, get my legs and feet all ready and away we go!

Do you have a favourite song to get amped pre-bout?

Not really, But I can count on a few of my DHRs to get into a random sing-a-long with me when warming up 🙂

How did you choose your derby name?

By accident! I had a few going through my mind, but I wanted something fun, a play on words! I always liked dinosaurs as kid and I have abnormally long arms (like wings!) so that also helped. My name needed to be something that wasnt cute and fluffy… and then Terror-Smackdal was born!

What skate set-up do you have/Do you have any gear recommendations? 

I currently skate on Crazy DBX-3 skates with Turbo 88s. My only recommendation is make sure it fits and is comfortable. I skated for a year in skates that didnt fit my feet correctly, which ended in lots of severe blisters, sore toes and achy feet. Ask around the league to see if you can try before you buy. It is totally worth it!

What is one piece of advice you would give a freshie?

Dont Give Up! We all start out wobbly and we ALL fall over! Keep training, keep smiling and keep having fun!

Did you play sport before derby?

I sure did. I played Netball since I was 8, Volleyball since I was 15 and Little Athletics since I was 4!

Who are your derby heroes and why?

Ahh Derby Heroes. There are a lot of people who I look up too in the derby world, and VDL is full of people who I admire. We are so lucky to have people like Fang, Sheriff, Jpepps and Slams to name a few who have worked so hard to build VDL into what it is today. Without hard working, dedicated people like them, A lot of us wouldn’t be where we are today. And then you have people like Bubble O’Kill who are just freaks of nature that can pushes themselves and train so hard until she has things perfected. SO good.

Credit - David Mackie

Credit – David Mackie

How would you sum up your derby playing style in three words?