Our Skater Spotlight turns to one of the The DisHonour Rollers, Wyckedly Wyld. She’s our shortest skater but don’t underestimate her size, she can get so low you won’t see her till it’s too late!

A Good Day to Skate Hard - photo credit Steven Craddock

A Good Day to Skate Hard – photo credit Steven Craddock

How many years have you been skating?

Almost 2 and a half years with VDL. I was a Barbie roller skates kid otherwise.

How did you get involved in roller derby?

My friend Cat took me to me to see my first game at the AIS and I thought “wow, how cool would it be to play that!” I met Ronald Ref Donald at a Raiders game and he introduced me to VDL.

What is your favourite position?

On the track.

What was your best “lightbulb” moment?

I reckon crossovers were my best lightbulb moment, but I have one every training session so it’s hard to choose.

Do you have a pre-bout routine?

Stretch and stretch and stretch. Listen to really bass heavy music and stretch some more.

What was your favourite bout moment?

During my debut bout, Junk Punch was jamming and it was our power jam. The other team had a really solid defence and I came through and swept the entire wall! They went down like dominoes!

How did you choose your derby name?

Wicked is my favourite musical and wild is my personality 🙂

What skate set-up do you have/Do you have any gear recommendations?

Currently Crazy DBX 3s with a Crazy Venus plate and Sure-Grip Zombie wheels. I definitely recommend the Zombies! They’re great, plenty of grip but slides when you need it.

What is one piece of advice you would give a freshie?

Never be afraid to ask. Derby is a family. The best family you could ever have. Family help family.

Did you play sport before derby?

Netball for 12 years.

Who are your derby heroes and why?

Captain of the Vice City Rollers, Bambi von Smasher. I’ve always thought she was amazing and she never gives up.

How would you sum up your derby playing style in three words?

Short. Agile. Wombat.