Sometimes when I’m at derby training I get the feeling we’re accidentally writing the script for a Disney movie a la The Mighty Ducks.

Picture this: the big roller derby league in town has no space for new skaters, so a couple of hot young uni students decide to take matters into their own hands and CREATE THEIR OWN LEAGUE.

They start off with no idea about how to train new derby skaters, but with some friendly advice they’re on the road and soon attracting all kinds of odd but likable characters for their new adventure.

There are pitfalls and high points as they recruit a new trainer; the mysterious Drill Sargent whose enthusiasm for planking and lunges produces a Rocky style montage of sweat, blood and tears. (In our case the montage sound-track would not be Eye of the Tiger, but perhaps a track from The Donnas or the Yeah Yeah Yeahs).

Gaining skill and speed, you get a closer look at the members of this rag tag crew of outsiders and wearers of striped socks who are learning not only about how to be roller derby players, but also friends.

Cue slightly rock song with close ups of everyone’s eyes and smiles.

But there’s clearly some conflict around the corner, maybe it will be provided by a difficult hall booking process, an emotional or heart wrenching event or potentially a romance within the team?

Tune in next week to find out what happens in Derby Diary…