Waiting for the first whistle. Photo Credit: Candace Sunshine

Waiting for the first whistle.
Photo: Candace Sunshine

The DisHonour Rollers came up with a winning result on Saturday night in a hard-fought bout against BMRDL’s Free Sisters. There were only 11 points in it at half time and with several lead changes in the second half spectators were kept on the edge of their seats. The Rollers took the lead with just minutes left on the period clock to finish up with a final score of 202-173.

Awards went out to the Free Sisters’ Pepa La Pow as best blocker, iKandy as best jammer and Jackson Polax as Most Valuable Player. From VDL, Blocktopussy was awarded best blocker, Reaper Cussions best jammer and Red Hot Jillie Pepper as MVP. A special mention goes out to our skaters who made their bout debut with the DisHonour Rollers: Blocktopussy, Cherry Bomb, Little Red, Doc’d Marx and Chickillya as well as Bloctopussy’s fan club with this winning sign:Fan

This is the third time the DisHonour Rollers have faced off against the Free Sisters and with every bout the love between our two leagues grows stronger. Thanks to everyone that made the trip down from the mountains and we look forward to bouting with you again later on in the year!