By VDL’s very own Sweet Apple

About six months ago I met a group of girls on the grass at the ANU. I thought they were cool and awesome; I wanted to be just like them!

That was until I put my skates on and realised how much hard work training six hours a week in skates is.

But over time my lurby for my league and my skates grew. That’s what kept me going back every week: making new friends who really believed in me and encouraged me to push myself and my body to its limits.

Salt n’ Peppa Spray, Mad’em Rollrage, Sweet Apple and Beverly Bone Crusher pass their yellow star test.

The first grading that you have to do is the white star test, I struggled with my confidence and the push ups (only 20 that I couldn’t quite do on my toes).

But last weekend was my next and more difficult grading – the elusive yellow star.

Driving in on my way to the basketball courts where we train I was so nervous, I even through about turning around to go home — till I looked in my rear view mirror and saw Legz in the car behind me.

Not only did it remind me of all the hard work that everyone had put in helping me improve, but I thought that she would follow me and physically drag me to do my star test, just making the whole process harder than it already was.

The yellow star test was not fun at all, but the head coach, Drool Sergeant pushed me and told me how much he already knew that I could do everything on the test —  including the 40 push ups on my toes (I feel like I have come a long way in those six months).

After kicking ass and getting my yellow star while being cheered on by my derby family, us new yellow stars got to scrim (read: play hard and hit hard with the big girls).

Wow. I thought I was nervous and had butterflies for the starring test – scrimming was worse…

But it was fantastic.

How could it be both the most terrifying time in my life and the most amazing incredible time in my life, at the same time?

I took as many checks as I gave, had some good falls and really felt like I was a strong member of my team.

The effort and training and pushing of myself really was worth it that night, getting my yellow star and scrimming with my friends, especially those who starred with me.

When I first started, the girls that were bouting were my heroes; I wanted to be just like them.

Now that’s changed, all of the freshies and white stars are my heroes.

It takes a lot of hard work and determination to show up to every training session and I am so proud of not just everyone that starred on the weekend, but everyone that believes in me and my league.

Congrats to Sweet Apple, Mad’em Rollrage, Salt n’ Peppa Spray and Beverly Bone Crusher on getting their yellow stars and to all the Varsity Players who got their white and orange stars too!!