Capital Carnage

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Introducing Canberra’s premier (and only…) men’s roller derby team, Capital Carnage!

Capital Carnage placed 5th in the 2016 Australian Men’s Roller Derby Championship, a fantastic result with a team lineup with so many fresh skaters. Now that they’ve settled in, they’re looking to claw back that number 4 and beyond. Captain of the team, Copter is also a representative on the Wizards of Aus men’s roller derby team which won bronze in the 2016 World Cup.

Fact o’ the day: Men’s roller derby plays with the same rules as women’s roller derby.

Capital Carnage is:

Astro Boyd (643)
Beelzebub (7182) (Vice Captain)
Bobby Mac (44)
Cliffhanger (1101)
Copter (173) (Captain)
David Deckham (777)
E-Nigma (934)
Jamme Slamister (15)
J-Dam (20)
Leo Slayer (61)
Pension Check (1878)
Thuggernaut (4)
Wreckti (2)