words by Jessica Rabid – photos by Wyckedly Wyld

Varsity Derby League is pleased to have raised over $5000 for the Leukaemia Foundation! Thank you to everyone who sponsored a skater. Here’s how the shaving day went. 

Before. Photo by Wyckedly Wyld


After several days of nervous anticipation, Saturday the 15th finally arrived. Demolishus and I were up early to catch the Men’s Roller Derby World Cup qualifier between Australia and France, and before we knew it we were in the city drinking one final coffee with Amynal and our fabulous hosts, Kindle Café.  With only a little irony, Capital Carnage captain Skateslinger was unable to join us as he was on the road to Coffs Harbour with some newly qualified members of our men’s team to participate in a pot-luck game that evening.

Lightning bolt - photo by Wyckedly WyldWith the help of Susan from the Leukaemia Foundation we set up a shave and colour station out the front of the café on City Walk, and tested it out by using temporary colour to paint lightning bolts on the side of Demo’s sister’s head.

First to face the buzz of the clippers was Amynal, who trusted me to wield the shears. In front of a small crowd of family and friends her curls slowly adorned the pavement instead of her head.Amynal gets shorn - photo by Wyckedly Wyld

Amynal says goodbye -  photo by Wyckedly WyldAfter one of Lash’s daughters volunteered for some temporary colour of her own, I was up next and Demo took the over the clippers. I had celebrated my final day of being hair-enabled by dying my locks bright purple, which left me with a dappling of colour on my newly-shorn dome to the amusement of everyone.Demo shaves Rabid -  photo by Wyckedly Wyld

Demo was the third and final scalping. Having the longest hair of the three of us, we were saving the best for last! Demo’s mother took the honours of hacking off the foot-long pony tail, accompanied by some hilarious reminiscence of childhood haircuts.  The result was a surprisingly fabulous A-line bob, which I quickly butchered as I took over with scissors and clippers.Rabid shears Demo - photo by Wyckedly Wyld

I also took the opportunity to showcase my (lack of) talent at delicate work.

VDL - photo by Wyckedly WyldAt the end of the Shave we had three bald and several freshly-coloured heads and lots of smiles, and Varsity Derby League had raised over $5000 for the Leukaemia Foundation. But if you missed out on the fun, don’t despair! Two more VDL members, Four-Leaf Clobber and Mad Cow, will be conducting their shave as part of the half-time show at our bout on May 3. Hope to see you there!

After!  - photo by Wyckedly Wyld


Many thanks to Kindle Café for their support and the use of their venue for our World’s Greatest Shave event, and thank you to everyone who donated and come out to support us. We couldn’t have done it without you!