Me?… I wanna be a kick arse derby skater. I’ve never wanted to do anything so much in my life. You all know how it goes. You have a conversation about derby with someone. Decide it sounds pretty cool. Go watch your first bout, and WHAM! Hooked.

The first bout I saw was at the AIS and the mighty VCRs were taking on the Sydney Assassins. Our girls smashed them, which made the experience all the more awesome.

I left not wanting to see another bout, but to be on the track fighting it out with a team. I just knew I had to play.

Luckily I have the best husband in the world. He stole my inner-sole from one of my shoes and e-mailed it to Susie Ephedrine at Sydney Derby Skates (without me knowing), and  surprised me on Christmas morning with a shiny new pair of GT50’s and all the associated safety gear. Christmas afternoon was spent not digesting copious amounts of roast turkey (as tradition would normally dictate), but wobbling around on my brand new skates on our driveway.

I skated solo for a couple of weeks at home until one night when sitting around the poker table with some friends we hadn’t seen for a while, derby just so happened to come up in conversation. Turns out that said friend of mine (Miss Melee) had been skating for about a year with me being none the wiser.  We arranged our first skate date for the following Monday.

Since then we’ve skated our hearts out and now find ourselves skating with a totally rad group of people at ANU – the Varsity Roller Derby league.

It’s so great being a part of something like this; especially if you get to help build it. We have a new excom, a great coach (thanks Sarg) and some super excited skaters all smashing it out, giving it their all. I love dreaming about what’s next and where we are going. It’s so motivational and effortless to love.

I’ll stop babbling now though and leave you with my all time favorite derby video…

Later – Jillie Pepper.